Meet the Kid behind KidNewsMaker – Alejandra Stack

With lots of hard work, some amazing support from my mom and being given opportunities to dream big and do things even bigger, I am #omg #excited to bring you my magazine, KidNewsMaker!

I’m the daughter of Arthia Nixon, an award-winning journalist. As a single mom, there were many times when she would have no choice but to take me along with her when she had breaking news or big interviews. I got to meet some amazing people in the news media and would help out if they asked me to hold something. Then I realized that they hardly ever reported stories on kids.

That was when I decided to start getting stories, networking and highlighting some of the kids I met on movie sets, or when I did activism work or in sports or just some of the kids the reporters just didn’t do stories on. That’s when I realized that my voice was to help other kids see that they are never to young to do something.

So I convinced my mom (after almost a year of gathering my own stories) to come and work for me as my editor if I got to be the person in charge because as a kid, I think I have a better idea of what kids are into.

What you see today is my vision of being the storyteller to spread the message that yes, we kids can and we are not too young.

What you see is me going from my nickname “Allie in Action” to being a kid activist and putting all of our work into action in front of you.

If you are a kid reading this, be inspired to be a #goalgetter and if you’re a grownup, be inspired to listen, to invest and to help a kid #win.

Thank you Mom, Ms. Clara McLaughlin, Dave Bishop, my ExCel Youth Mentoring fam, and those who helped along the way.




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