How To Pick The Right Extracurricular Activities in High School

schoolPicking the right extracurricular activities in school can sometimes be a thing of stress or pressure for many kids. This absolutely does not have to be so.

As a high school student, quite a number of things can cause this: peer pressure, fear that your parents will disapprove of your choice if you go for some particular activities, fear of being different, etc.

You don’t have to go through all these. Here are some tips on picking the right extracurricular activities for you:

– Passion: this is very important in making decisions on activities for yourself. What do you love doing and what are your interests? There will definitely be things that you have passion for e.g dancing, writing, sports, etc. This will go a long way in helping you narrow down your choices.

– Talk to your parents/guardians. Don’t be afraid that they’ll disapprove. Parents in the society today know the importance of being a guide to their children and not forcing their choices on them.

– You might not necessarily have passion for some activities that your parents/guardians want you to do, but there are rationales behind them. From example, learning swimming for safety purposes and family trips.

– What natural abilities do you have? Every kid in high school has natural talents; things that they just naturally excel at and find easy to do. Most kids choose easily based on this.

– Explore. There are many extracurricular activities you can choose from. Find out what they entail and if they will suit your passion, abilities, etc. You never know what you might come across that you’ll absolutely love!

– Finally, remember not to overschedule yourself. Don’t forget that they are extracurricular activities, you still have core activities to focus on and of course, family time!

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