When Your Squad is Total GirlBoss and BlackGirlMagic


#squadgoals can you match my #squad?#blackgirlmagic level #EPIC
Live from the TOFi International HERS OWNly Pitch Contest VIP dinner in Atlanta, me and my biz sisters!! Our moms are all friends and we’re all kidpreneurs and CEOs.
Ashala age 14 is a chef with her own label Cook Me Up A Notch and book, Alejandra age 12 has KidNewsMaker magazine and videos, Kemery age 11 is fluent in Japanese and is wearing her own Kemery Creates clothing and jewelry, Kalimah age 11 is wearing her own Dinkra Stylezz and Gabby age 11 is wearing her own Gabby’s Bows barrettes which are in stores and she just got her patent! Our moms are each #raisingamogul
We all also made the Top 10 in the contest out of hundreds across the country. Because we’re all friends, we all win!

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