Kidprenuer/Author Gabrielle Williams Presented Award by UN Ambassador for Anti-Bully Efforts

20181007_194354By Arthia Nixon

Kansas City, USA… Anti-bully activist, author and kidpreneur Gabrielle Williams was the recipient of the IChange Nations Youth Add Value Global Award on Oct. 7, 2018. The high school freshman from Maryland was presented the prestigious award by Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers (United Nations Ambassador, Republic of Burundi, Africa; acting Representative to the United Nations – New York for the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative (IPI) and the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI).

Williams was lauded for her efforts with her campaign to end physical and cyberbullying. She was also recognized for her mission to educate underprivileged youth and for encouraging them to begin the road to entrepreneurship at an early age.

Williams’ mother Vernice says her daughter was so affected by being bullied in elementary school, she lost self-esteem and confidence.

“I’m amazed,” she said. “Seeing Gabrielle’s strength and courage to unselfishly share a personal experience, at such a young age, is beyond anything I could ever imagine. I just never thought that her voice would reach the level that it has. Her determination to educate, change policies and save people’s lives just reaffirms what so many people have told me and that’s ‘you’ve been blessed with a leader’.”

With the encouragement of teen mentor Gabrielle Jordan, Williams launched her business, Glorious Pastries by Gabrielle. Williams’ entrepreneurial efforts inspired the first Kidprenuer Day in Prince George County, Maryland and she has since been featured in a variety of nationally-known media outlets including The Washington Post, The Washington Informer, and ‘Good Morning America’.

Williams, who is also a skilled martial artist, released her first book collaboration, “The Science Behind It: Formulating Success At Any Age” along with over 20 other youth entrepreneurs.

At 14, she said she’s still got a long way to go and plans to reach as many individuals as possible.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done,” she said. “My campaign is to educate both youth and adults so that they understand everyone is unique and beautifully created. My plan is to continue to speak at various schools conferences and to engage political officials. In addition to that, at some point, I plan to travel abroad and speak to this issue because it is a growing epidemic that is not isolated to the United States. We can’t just say ‘stop bullying’ and offer no solution to end it. My ultimate mission is to find the solutions to end it once and for all.”   

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Press contact: Vernice Williams



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