5 Fast Ways To Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Money


By Alejandra Stack, KidNewsMaker

So there are lots of things you can do when it comes to not waiting and to start creating. Here are five fast ways you can go about doing that just that.

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media is a big distraction sometimes. Limit your hours and schedule your posts so that you are not wasting time. You don’t have to click on to everyone’s posts. Use it to promote yourself and products and connect with customers instead of getting the perfect selfie or filter.
  2. TV AND GAMES – Stop with the video games and tv watching for hours at a time just because you can. You can get caught up trying to level up. Focus on creating your own shows or creating your own game. There are many sites that can help you create these things. Some even have options for you to monetize it. You can be a reviewer for tv shows or a tv show/film focus group member or even a critic for your own blog or local paper. With video games, try to get into tournaments that pay out big or even allow you to sell your games after you’re done.
  3. SPORTS –  Playing just for fun can feel great but if you are into athletics play for scholarships and to eventually go pro. Look into your school, city, county or clubs to help you find out hot to get a scholarship. Also, don’t just run for basketball and football like everyone else. Try unusual sports like golf, or tennis or something else that has less competition but more spots to increase your chances.
  4. MUSIC – Listening to music by major artists is cool and all but you can actually be an artist yourself by creating and then uploading your own music and selling it online. You can also use your social media to build a following and even get the attention of other artists.
  5.  INVEST – Buying all sorts of things simply because of their labels. My mom is a single parent on a limited income and when I wanted $200 brand name shoes, she sorta got it for me. Well, she got me the shoebox but instead of shoes, it was $200 in shares in a shoe company. She also got me a share on a social media site I go on alot. When you invest in stocks, you get to own a small piece of the pie. For this, check out The Truth Jones in our directory who will give you more than enough info!

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