Future Astrophysicist William Maillis Graduates College At Age 11

William-Vasilis-Maillis-at-graduation-760x1351St. Petersburg, Florida, USA – William Maillis was so smart at age 5, public school teachers didn’t know what to do with him. They put him straight in the 5th grade but after he took another test, he was placed in grade 9. He went on to graduate high school at age 9.

William is now 11 and this year, he graduated from St. Petersburg College in Florida with an associate degree. William told media that he plans to begin his studies at the University of Florida in a few weeks and he wants to be an astrophysicist.

William taught himself sign language, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, French and is listed as a genius with the Gifted Childrens Department.

He’s absolutely KidNewsMaker worthy!

Photos by Maillis family.

William-Vasilis-Maillis-and dad

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