Award-Winning Journalist Launched Kid News Platform at Age 11

Alejandra Stack at 11 with her publication KidNewsMaker
Alejandra Stack at 11 with her publication KidNewsMaker


Atlanta, Georgia, USA – At three weeks old, Alejandra Stack entered the newsroom for the first time and began her journey as a backstage baby to an award-winning journalist mom. She had the opportunity to meet many celebrities, politicians, and persons of interest and eventually charted her own course in media.
At age 8, she began reporting the morning news with her school’s broadcasting club and at 10, she was the youngest ever columnist with ‘Allie in Action’, published in The Georgia Star and Florida Star Newspapers, owned by the legendary Clara McClaughlin, the first black woman in the US to own a television station.
After tagging along with her mother during the 2017 US Presidential Elections, and spending several late nights in the newsroom reading through papers, she noticed something was missing – stories on kids.
As an ExCEL Youth Ambassador,  and an actress who appeared in several major films, she encountered many young people who she felt needed to be highlighted. She also took some advice from her teen mentor, Gabrielle Jordan on how to go about convincing her mom it was worth it.
At 11, she used money earned from an acting job with the Cartoon Network to start her own magazine for kids to see themselves and offered her mom $50 to help edit it while she gathered her subjects to interview for her webseries, blog and magazine, rebranded as KidNewsMaker.
By age 12, she received three media recognitions, including the 2017 Kidz Rock Award for Journalism in Atlanta, and the 2016 SHEMatters Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. She has also been recognized by two US State Senators, a County Commissioner and City Councilmember.

Just shy of her 14th birthday, Allie has been offered several contributor deals but wants to ensure that her focus remains on highlighting youth. She’s also set to release her first children’s book soon.

“Basically, I want to be able to do this full-time but it’s hard because it’s just me and my mom and a few other people,” said Alejandra. “We would love to expand but we have had only a few angel investors and that is what we use to keep the site running. I see so many people get a million in investment in like a week or see people spend money on other things like video games and stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that, but so many kids I highlight, including me, could use some of that to push us to stay on our track. It’s really tough in a single parent home but I’m grateful because in spite of it all, my mom does sacrifice a lot because she understands this is not a hobby, this and acting is my passion. Then again, she does have like eight Georgia Press Association Awards herself so I get to call my media role model mom. So this is our what our family legacy is going to be whether we get help or not.”

In November 2017, Allie was recognized by the Bahamas Press Club and beat out hundreds of girl bosses from across the United States to pitch to a team of investors as a TOFi International Top 10 Female Owned business. She also was the first recipient of the Kidz Rock Journalist of the Year in 2017. She was the 2018 MLK Rising Star Award recipient as well, recognized during her tenure as an NAACP Youth Council President. She was also the Children’s Action Business Fair winner of Business Most Likely To Impact Positive World Change, after wowing judges including a former CNN executive.
Her goal is to have her videos picked up by a major network or streaming channel and to have her magazines in libraries and schools around the world.
Now, she’s on a mission to show kids the newsmaker in them, reminding them to declare, “We’re KidNewsMakers – we’re not waiting, we’re creating!”

Her publication has also made several Amazon bestseller lists including:

#1 Hot New Release in Children’s Jobs & Career Books
#1 Hot New Release in Children’s Career Books
#3 Hot New Release in Children’s Explore The World Books
#3 Hot New Release in Children’s Reference & Nonfiction
#23 Bestseller in Children’s Education & Reference
#23 Bestseller in Children’s Geography & Cultures



Yara and Allie
Alejandra Stack with her first big interview, Yara Shahidi star of ‘Blackish’ and ‘Grownish’
Beauty boss Zandra Cunningham of Zandra Beauty and STEM star/philanthropist Taylor Richardson pose with journalist Alejandra Stack while receiving their copies as the first cover girls of KidNewsMaker.
KidNewsMaker Alejandra Stack delivers her pitch on her company after beating out over 500 other female owned business to land in the top 10
Alejandra Stack speaking at a youth conference to share her KidNewsMaker  journey.


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