Five Families of Kidpreneurs Proving Sibling Success

By Alejandra Stack

What’s the best thing about having a sibling? I wouldn’t know because I’m STILL an only child (sigh). But one good thing about having a sibling is that they are normally your first friend, the person who can relate to you and the one you can blame stuff on. Okay so I’m totally joking on that last part. But for real. Seeing siblings succeed is a big deal. Whether it’s watching the Property Brothers take on houses or seeing the Williams sisters hit the tennis court, there’s something amazing about siblings who understand the importance of keeping things in the family business.

Here are some of my favorite kidprenuer siblings.


KNM Support

Ashalah and Amari-Lee of Atlanta, Georgia, USA – So I am so biased here with these two because they let me in their kitchen to see why they are the pastry prince and princess of Atlanta. Ashalah is 15 and known for her Cook Me Up a Notch Business but her little brother Amari started his own thing with Coolege Academy. Now, they teamed up with their own Bakeology cookbook, cooking classes, and STEAM subscription kits. If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get amazing recipes. Their 12 days of Christmas recipes was sooooooo good. If you live in Atlanta, you’ll be able to catch them at lots of events but you can also order your items for them as well. Visit the video section on this website to see the episode of me hanging out with them as they prepared some awesome treats. Check them out at Cook Me Up a Notch.

Ashalah and Amari

Jiyah, Jayce and Merl of Atlanta, Georgia USA – The Fennell siblings are truly animated! No. For real. They have their own cartoon and they are true wanderlusts. Jiyah (14), Jayce (10) and Merl (8) are all authors with individuals books. But they all came together and voice their own cartoon with characters who look like them. Check them out at Fennell Adventures.

Fennell 2Fennell

Kenedi and Caiden of Atlanta, Georgia USA – When I first met the Harris siblings, they were a lot smaller and a lot shyer. Back then, Kenedi was still dealing with being given to child services because of a mix up at school. That led her to launch her K-Lock brand, which is a wearable kid identifier. She’s also gone on to launch her own doll line. Her little brother Caiden turned his phrase “Daddy Did You Know” into a major thing. Whenever he learned something new, he’d rush to tell his dad. Now, Daddy Did You Know is an information activity brand that includes a book, flashcards and a segment on an Atlanta tv station. My favorite thing about the Harris siblings is that together, they have books but they also have public speaking classes, kidprenuer and family wealth classes and show why it’s important to build wealth.

Harris fam

Temi and Tami of Lagos, Nigeria – There’s no sibling bond greater than a twin bond and Temidire and Tamilore Oniyitan from Nigeria. While being a kidprenuer is not that uncommon in the USA, the Oniyitan twins and owners of MIMI’S are coining the phrase miniprenuer on the African continent and slaying. They have a book, their own drink line, they host events, build libraries, and give back in a tremendous way. Check them out at MIMI’S Mean Business.


Joshua, Josiah and Jordan of Rochester, New York, USA Kids – You know it’s epic when Ellen DeGeneres  and the White House recognizes you, right? The West siblings are absolutely epic when it comes to giving back. Joshua (11) and Josiah (9) are kidprenuers, authors and the founders of Champions of Change. Their little sister Jordan hosts Princess For A Day events where she treats girls to a day of beauty. Together, they help foster kids, underprivileged families, organize trips to Disneyland, and even build homes and upgrade rooms. Check them out at Champions of Change.


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