VIDEO: Mom of Millionaire Kid Boss To Host Raising A Mogul Summit For Kidprenuers and Parent Managers




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KidNewsMaker is an official media partner of the Raising A Mogul Summit in Atlanta, Georgia! Read what the event is about below and watch the video with your young moguls for more information!

By Arthia Nixon, KidNewsMaker Editor-in-Chief/Allie’s Mom

How did Zandra Cunningham end up on the Forbes millionaire list before she turned 18 as a result of two dollar lip gloss? Her parents James and Tamara Cunningham will share the secrets to her success June 27 -30, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Raising A Mogul Family Business Summit.  Joining the family from New York is Toushonta Hogan of California, who is the mom of teen nail and brow queen Shai Hogan.

Zandra Cunningham of Zandra Beauty and her mom Tamara Zantell

As micro business strategist and self- proclaimed creative problem solver, I work for Zandra,” says Tamara, RAM CEO. “I am enjoying life as a corporate drop out. I helped my 9-year-old daughter turn her kitchen table hobby into a million dollar brand!”

“And as an entrepreneur for over 11 years I  empowered my daughter to find her passion while igniting and fulfilling her dreams,” added Toushonta, RAM COO. “Together we have mastered the tools needed to succeed. Since starting at age 10, she has graced the pages of several magazines, stages and national television.”

Both momagers say they want to empower as many families as possible to pursue their passion while connecting with like-minded individuals.

Tamara Zantell and Toushonta Hogan
Momagers, managers and moguls in their own right, Toushonta Hogan and Tamara Zantell have planned four days to educate families with the Raising a Mogul Summit

“This is not child’s play,” said Tamara who has authored several books and founded the Raising A Mogul Community which coaches, develops and assists parent managers in helping them cultivate their children’s ventures. “Zandra Beauty may seem seamless now but it started with my daughter learning how to make lip gloss after my husband refused to give her two dollars to purchase some. She’s been featured in Forbes, on Good Morning America and so many other shows,  but when she was a tween, no one took us seriously when she wanted to enroll in business courses or attend seminars. After a while, we made our presence known. We started this community to help parents avoid the hurdles we had to go through and now we are 5,000 strong across the nation. If you told me we would have families flying in from Africa to attend, I would not have believed it, but we are coming and we are coming to Atlanta!”

KNM Support

The kids in the community are authors, journalists, beauty creators, fashion designers, business owners, and some have products in major retail stores. Other families have children who are actors, athletes, social media influencers, STEAM advocates and more.

“This is beyond the basic lemonade stand,” said Tamara. “Some of these kids have had Ted Talks, spoken at universities, been awarded by their city and state and have brick and mortar businesses. We have several kids who ship internationally and hit six figures annually.”

Z and Shair
Daughters of the RAM Summit founders Zandra Cunningham (right) has a business now worth well over a million dollars while Shai Hogan’s nail polish and brow kits are trending.

“This is an accelerated learning experience that transforms the world’s most promising young moguls and their family businesses into the next generation of powerful leaders,” added Hogan. “We’ll look into starting a business, marketing, selling, being ready for retail, public relations and media training, product pricing, product pitching, non-profit development, becoming an author, government contracting, partnerships and collaboration and budgeting basics to name a few.”

The summit will serve as an incubator to help families prepare to launch their businesses, connect with mentors, have products reviewed, network and more. There is also an opportunity for kidprenuers to pitch their businesses ‘Shark Tank’ style and earn seed funding.

Be sure to come back to KidNewsMaker to get the scoop on speakers, activities and more! Watch the video below!


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