11-Year-Old Author Jakayla Green Honored by SC Governor as 2019 Youth Entreprenuer

By Alejandra Stack, KidNewsMaker Founder

Y’all my SC baby sis just got recognized by the Governor of South Carolina Henry McMaster as Youth Entrepreneur of The Year!! PERIODT! Okay, lemme be professional here. Ahem.

Jakaya GreenJakayla Green from South Carolina became an Amazon number one bestseller for her book “Daddy’s Girl” at age 9. She explained that the book was written as a way to help cope with her parents’ separation. The book talks about how separation and divorce and parents’ problems can affect kids. The book has inspired a daddy-daughter event that started with her and her dad but has now taken off around the US and she’s even gotten invitations to countries in the Caribbean and Africa as a result of it.

So how did she go from kid author to being honored?

Green fam

“He learned about my book, the International Daddy Daughter Day Outings, and my on-demand webinar, ‘How to Become a Kid Author’ 🤩,” said Jakayla. “He was very nice. His staff was, too. I was glad to be able to celebrate being SC Young Entrepreneur of the Year with my family. Thanks SC Economics for presenting me with this award. I am grateful to God and my parents for this honor. Thank all of you for your support.”

Get your copy of her book at  www.jakaylamgreen.com

Jakayla book

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