12-Year-Old Barrette Inventor Releases Black Hair Care Product Line PLUS She’s Now In Target Stores

Gabby Goodwin of Gabby Bows and Alejandra Stack of KidNewsMaker

UPDATE OCTOBER 2019 – Gabby’s products are now in nearly 80 Target stores across the USA! Congrats!

By Alejandra Stack, KNM Founder/Publisher

My SC big little RAM sis Gabby done snatched y’all edges – literally! She snapped! Sorry, if y’all follow me, you know I turn up before getting professional when it comes to my real life friends especially from Raising A Mogul xoxo Ahem.

Gabrielle Goodwin who invented her double-snap no slip barrettes at age seven, wrote a book about black girl hair care at ten, and has her products in stores like Once Upon a Child, and other major retailers have released her Confidence hair care line!

Confidence by Gabrielle has a milk, cream and pomade bundle that my mom and her 4b/4c kinks absolutely adore.


“I’m very excited about my hair care line,” said Gabby. “I love the detangling conditioner milk. It helps keep the hair in place I really love that it’s no stress and no tears when you’re detangling because we know how that can be sometimes.  And the cream is really good for moisturizer and the pomade is great for your scalp.”

And what’s so unique about her bows?

“My bows have two faces,” said Gabby. “They’re designed both ways. They trap the hair in place and they don’t fall out.”

12-year-old Gabrielle Goodwin is an author, hair accessory inventor and black hair care product creator

And guys, they don’t! I tested them during my pro cheer practices and they stayed in place the entire time!

Gabby is the 2015 South Carolina Youth Entrepreneur of the Year (our sis Jakayla Green is the 2019 recepient). When I first met Gabby, we beat out over 500 girls to make the top 10 ToFi Girl Owned business finalists – and Gabby won!

This all got started because when she was five, Gabby kept losing her hair products at school and her mom Rozalyn got tired of going to the store like two or three times a week to buy more barrettes. So Gabby was playing around with her hair accessories one day and figured out a way to keep them on by not having them slip.

Gabby and her mom Rozalynn Goodwin on ‘The View’

Gabby’s mom asked her friends if they had similar issues with their daughter’s accessories and they agreed that it would be great to have a snap on barrette that could stay in place. So after lots of drawing and experiments, they finally found a way to come up with a prototype which was finalized and produced. Tada! The Gabby Bow Double Snap  barrette was born! Gabby has been featured on ‘The View’, ‘Harry’ and lots of other places.

You guys can read the full story on Gabby’s website, But I just wanted to let you guys know that my sis is out here stirring up some #blackgirlmagic. Don’t forget to help keep our publication running to inspire and reach more youth by making a small contribution. If every visitor left just $1 it would help out a whole lot. Thank you!

Gabby’s book on her journey



Gabby 12 of Gabby Bows and Confidence by Gabby Goodwin with Allie 14 of KidNewsMaker

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