NaKia Gets Perfect Math Score, Thanks Her ‘Hidden Figures’ Great-Grandmother

Katherine Johnson doll.jpg

By KNM Staff

Third-grader Na Kia Boykin from Virginia made the news for scoring a perfect 600 score on her Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) test. One of the people she thanked for inspiring her was someone who has inspired us all – Katherine Johnson, the human computer whose story inspired the ‘Hidden Figures’ about the Black women who worked for NASA to get the first American in space.

Mrs. Johnson is 100-years-old now and considered one of the most important women in science in the world. She’s even had a doll made to look like she did back in the day. Did you know she graduated high school at age 14? Her character was played by Tarajhi P. Henson. Because of her calculations, so many missions were conducted. Read more about her here on NASA’s official website (trust me, she’ll make a great school project).

NaKia’s dad Douglas Boykin is the son of Mrs. Johnson’s daughter. He said he expected her to get a 500 but was excited when she got a perfect score. During her speech at her school, NaKia acknowledged the legacy of her great-grandmother.

Nakia Boykin

“I would really like to give my great-grandmother Katherine Johnson a special thanks for inspiring me and a whole generation of young people to achieve our dreams,” she said. “And by being a trailblazer and role model to all of us. Thank you Grandma.”

NaKia was her class president. She is also a true STEAM star, and in addition to math, she loves science and attends science camps. How’s that from some generational #blackgirlmagic?


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