VIDEO: At 16, Essynce’s Books Are A Part of The School Curriculum And She Just Launched A Perfume Line

By Alejandra Stack, KNM Founder

Atlanta, Georgia… I finally got to officially interview the big sis Essynce Moore about her book series, new perfume line and other stuff when we took a break from being girl bosses at the Gen Z Social Summit 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

KidNewsMaker founder Allie (14) chats with Essynce (16) about her amazing journey in books and businesses

Her books are mandatory reading in some schools and she is the youngest person of color to have her Middle School Chronicles books on school curriculums in the USA. Her all natural vegan perfume is also amazing.

First of all, Essynce is one of my peer style icons! Her slayage is always epic and her hair is amazing but when she took that mic at the conference and dropped some wisdom on us, I was reminded that she is such a voice of our generation. So, check out the video below an see why she inspires me as a serial entrepreneur, actress, fashion designer, author and motivational speaker.

The books were inspired after her mom kept asking her about her day at school and she always had some crazy story to tell. She has three books in the series so far and doesn’t plan to stop writing anytime soon. If you watch the video, you’ll see how she got her books on the curriculum, starting with her own school before other schools heard about it and she pitched her products to them as well.

Essynce books

“I spoke to the principal and the superintendent and the Board of Education and just lots of other people explain why my books were not a want, they were a need,” said Essynce. “And after lots of talking and negotiating I got my books in my schools and then started pitching them to other schools and once they were already familiar that they were in other schools well they just sort of hopped on the train.”
So what do you think her hardest part about writing is? Watch the video to see what she says as it’s a question she’s never been asked before.
And what does Essynce think about our generation?
“I love being a part of Generation Z,” she said. “This generation is so freakin’ advanced. Our thinking, our technology… this generation has like the youngest entrepreneurs and that’s monumental and revolutionary.”

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Essynce Moore (16) author, fashion designer, speaker, actress, entreprenuer with KidNewsMaker founder and reporter Alejandra Stack (14) at the 2019 Gen Z Summit it Atlanta
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