VIDEO: 15 Year Old Lil Ice Cream Dude Celebrates Birthday Opening Store

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Happy 15th birthday! Beau Shell celebrates his birthday opening up Cool World after years as being known for his mobile truck Lil Ice Cream Dude

By Alejandra Stack, KNM founder

Athens, Georgia… The first kidprenuer I interviewed at age 8, Lil Ice Cream Dude Beau Shell is now 15 y’all! And he celebrated his birthday by opening his ice cream store Cool World Ice Cream Shop in Athens, Georgia!

The love is so real when it comes to my bro Beau! We’ve been knowing each other since we were little (see throwback pic!) so when we see each other at events, it is for real bro sis love. So here’s the latest from June 2019.

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KidNewsMaker’s Alejandra Stack with Beau Shell and his parents
“What made you decide to get settled down into one area?” I asked Beau. 
“So a lot of like there was a few things but one the main reasons was because we really had outgrown our mobile,” said Beau. “Like we really had to get a solid place to start and open up with a store. It really just helped us get a solid foundation we could get ice cream to deliver to us and we can start making our own ice cream and making ice cream pies.”
Beau is also going to be making gluten-free products and all that so you guys can really check him out! 
Blast from the past – Allie and Beau at age 9 in front of his mobile truck and now at age 14 and 15 in his Cool World Ice Cream opening
He’s been doing this like I said since he was 8 years old and now he’s 15.
So because he is the Lil Ice Cream Dude, I had to ask what’s his go to flavor.
“My go to flavor is anniversary cake or the play-doh,” said Beau.
So we met up with other customers who said they were super excited and you guys can watch the video for that. I also got to hang with Miss Vicki, Beaus’ mom for a moment.
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Beau 2

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