14-Year-Old Award-Winning Journalist Seeks Funding To Continue Youth News Platform

KNM Support

Okay y’all this is not a drill! Allie needs your help to continue to make an impact with KidNewsMaker, which has been impacting youth around the globe to step out and do amazing things! With thousands of shares (just check out the share buttons to see how far-reaching we are!), she has inspired kids from several countries.

We’ve asked for assistance, participated in fundraising contests but it hasn’t always worked. Still, we put in three years to try to build. Allie has won several awards, stood on stages before thousands, selflessly promoted other kids to inspire even more. So far, Allie has funded this project on her own. Now we’re asking you to help her by keeping the website, print publication and enabling her to get to the kids making the impact to share their stories. And if you haven’t done so already, please sign up for the newsletter here

Allie speaking

All we are asking for is for a few backers to back her up. We need a laptop, light, camera, transportation and team to fund the dream. She’s helped others go viral so let’s help her. Everyone reading, please consider donating to her GoFundMe, $Ambassador7 on CashApp or her PayPal. We were going to shut down the site this weekend but a few of you have told us how beneficial the site has been and would love to see us continue. Some of her articles have had 800 to 2000 individual shares. Can you imagine if each person gave just $1 how much that would help Allie inspire more kids to change the world?


Would you please mind forgoing that cup of Starbuck’s and putting that $5 to #SupportKidNewsMaker. To those who reached out in the past 48 hours, we can’t thank you enough. For those who want to know more, please see the story below. Most importantly, SHARE, SUPPORT, CONTRIBUTE! If you’ve been impacted by Allie, please share and support.



At age 11, Alejandra Stack launched her company KidNewsMaker which has grown into an online, video and print outlet for youth. Back then, she used money earned from acting to fund it and having access to an award-winning journalist as a mother to agree to be her managing editor helped get the word out. Within three years, she’s received recognition from mayors, ambassadors, youth organizations, international press clubs and businesses. There were also plans for Allie to teach other kids to the skills she’s acquired with workshops beginning this fall.

Alejandra Stack at 11 with her publication KidNewsMaker

Allie first entered the newsroom at three weeks old, with her mom Caribbean-American media personality Arthia Nixon. While her mother made television and radio appearances, Allie would sit observing cameras and which buttons to press. Upon their relocation to Georgia, Clara McLaughlin, the first Black woman to own a television station in the USA told Allie’s mom that she had the spark after a brief conversation with her during a Gullah Geechee festival. By age 8, Allie would be the youngest columnist to have a newspaper column in Georgia and Florida through Miss Clara’s Florida and Georgia Star newspapers, where her mom was also an editor. At school, the passion continued and Allie was soon able to assist and was an anchor and cameraperson on her elementary school’s broadcast team with her gifted teacher Devinn Hill who inspired her.

In addition to being a bestseller in 7 Amazon categories when she first launched, Allie has racked up several honors including an NAACP Rising Star Award, a Truth Playmaker Award, an ExCel Award for Entrepreneurship and Kidz Rock Journalist of the Year Award. She also moderated the Gen Z Social Summit panel, served as a media correspondent with the American Youth Film Festival and has invitations to several other states.

If you would like to help contribute to KidNewsMaker, please submit your contribution through CASHAPP  or PayPal

Our next step is to bring the print magazine back, teach courses on journalism/social media storytelling and bringing viewers more in-depth video interviews on outstanding youth and getting our products into more classes, specifically on curriculums. We can do this together!

Thank you so much! With your support, we will be able to continue to provide this valuable resource. Please share this post! Every bit of support matters and without your help, it won’t be possible!


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