14-Year-Old Gender Equality Activist/Athlete Dasia Edmond Debuting Coloring Book To Motivate Young Girls

By Arthia Nixon

New Jersey, USA… Teen gender equality activist and athlete Dasia Edmond will be launching her third book “Be Your Own Superhero” Title: “Color Explosion” on August 20, 2019 on Amazon.com. Edmond, who has already had huge success with autobiographies based on her dealing with her natural hair journey and another on how she broke barriers as the first girl to play for a football league, says the coloring book is just another part of her journey.PhotoGrid_1565317970149

“I enjoy coloring,” said Edmond. “I basically walked into a store to get coloring books and I was like ‘Ma, these are boring!’ My mom is the type who says if you don’t see it, you better create it so that’s just what I did. I decided to write some affirmations and come up with illustrations about my own life that I thought would inspire other girls.”

Affirmations encouraging readers to read, believe, dream and go after their goals are prominent in the book along with images of her Edmond holding her autobiography, dealing with hair struggles, playing football and basketball and other activities.

“I want kids to see themselves in my story and to do more than just color to relax or whatever,” she said. “I want them to find the strength to be leaders and to be great and positive in all they do. I also want them to see positive images of young women of color and to understand that #blackgirlmagic is real.”

Buy the book here!

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