Meet the Kidprenuers of Atlanta’s Create and Meditate 2020 Vision Board Party

Maroni Kid

By KidNewsMaker Staff

It’s a new decade and that means its a time to make a new vision! Kristen Wright-Matthews, publisher of Macaroni Kid’s College Park, East Point and Morrow’s division is doing introducing some of the Atlanta area’s awesome young changemakers who will be featured at Create and Meditate in the New Decade youth vision board party.

You guys have a few days to register for free at to be a part of the ultimate youth inspiration event for January 2020.

Kristen said she decided to do the event because she did a vision board for herself and was inspired to continue to accomplish goals. Three years ago, she included her family.

“I decided this was something I wanted to share with my family so each new year, we sit down together and write down our goals for the year and later transfer them to our boards,” she said. “In 2017, as a family we decided that we wanted to share this with other kids. We started with my son CJ’s football teammates. Some of them had never heard of a vision board, but they enjoyed cutting out pictures, drawing and pasting their visions on the board. Even more than that, they lived sharing their goals with the group. I was in absolute awe. As a journalist for many years, I have always had a passion for helping the voiceless to exercise their voice. I think more than anything the boys felt important because they were being heard.”

So who is going to be at this year’s event? Lea’Michelle and Ymani (age 6 and 8) from the Rad Gyrlz are performing. Speakers include Alejandra Stack, the 14 year-old founder and publisher of KidNewsMaker, 17-year-old Jayel Priester the CEO of Kuponya and a diabetes awareness advocate, 9-year-old Caden Harris the motivational speaker and business prodigy behind Daddy Did You Know, 11-year-old Kemery Oparah of Kemery Kreates and Japanese language and culture teacher, and 12-year-old philanthropist Chris CJ Matthews who founded Blankies 4 My Buddies and The Giving Bowl.

Make plans to be there and share with someone who would love to attend.

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