12-Year-Old Houston Soap Maker J.Brielle Sees Spike In Sales Amid COVID

By Alejandra Stack, KidNewsMaker founder/publisher

March 2020 – Houston, Texas… The coronavirus pandemic is no joke. If you were to go to your local store right now nearly all the soaps, wipes, and lotions are all gone! While a lot of grownups are dealing with job loss, one 12-year-old is actually seeing more business than usual.


Jordyn of J. Brielle Handmade Goods started her company when she was only 10.

At 12 years old this Houston, Texas local has seen a pretty big increase in sales these past 2 weeks.

“I have sold a lot these past two weeks, mostly of my whipped soaps and body butters,” she said. “I guess everyone wants to stay clean AND moisturized 😅, or maybe they have more time to pamper themselves now that school is out and they can spend more time at home.

Her whipped soaps and body butters have been rolling out fast. Whipped soaps? Sounds pretty interesting right?


Kidprenuer Jordyn says “My whipped soaps are super soft so they make taking baths or showers so much better than with regular soap.”

Not only does Jordyn have handmade goodies, but she also has her DREAM BIG Kidprenuer Book Club, to encourage the love of reading and entrepreneurship in others. There she gets guest speakers to inspire kids all around Houston and even has pitch workshops, practices, and contests!

“My favorite thing about being a youth in business is being able to choose the products, colors and the scents that I sell… it’s cool to know that I am the owner and I get to help other kids start their own businesses through my Dream Big Kidprenuer Book Club.”

Find out more about the girl boss on her website www.jbriellehmg.com!

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March 2019

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