Meet Mase and Poppy: Acting/Fashion Designing Siblings Sewing COVID Masks

By Alejandra Stack, KidNewsMaker founder/publisher March 2020

South Carolina, USA… You’ve heard a lot about how to keep yourself clean during this pandemic, but what if you or a loved one has caught the coronavirus? What extra steps can you take to isolate the virus? Well, 10-year-old Mason and his 8-year-old sister Poppy have a great solution for you.

In the midst of this crisis, Mase and Poppy Gillet are using their fashion skills to help out the community.

“These masks are for you or for anyone that feels they need that layer of protection during these crazy times.” Mason says. The Greenville, South Carolina siblings are dirt bike riding, fashion designing –  actors currently in the southeast USA market.


Although they are still elementary school-aged they’ve had quite an international life so far. The two were expats living in Munich, Germany for 5 years.

“An expat is someone who moved to a new country for work and has to assimilate to new cultures, languages, and customs,” Mason explains.

“By far my favorite festival was Oktoberfest with all the huge rides and beautiful dirndls and Lederhosen.” Poppy chips in.

While in Germany the two then learned how to sew while watching their mother do it.

“…my mom taught herself how to sew and because space is so small in Germany Mason and I also paid attention,” said Poppy. “Together we would sew tunics and make custom tutus for events and birthdays. We would take them to local craft markets and sell them. My mom always said it was a way to meet new friends and be connected with people from all over the world.”


Since moving back to America, Poppy got more interested in fashion designing and started making and designing clothes for herself, her brother Mason and her friends. When Mason isn’t helping Poppy sew her designs he’s on a movie set (BTW Mase and I actually met as co-stars on the film ‘Race’ and our birthdays are close together).

“…I have some REALLY cool projects in the pipeline. I can’t give any details away but I can tell ya some are filming local and some are filming out west” he says.

Poppy is also into acting, and it’s no doubt that she and her brother slay the red carpet.


“She has designed ( and we both sewed) all our outfits for movie premiere events and other fancy occasions. I would wear anything Poppy designs for me. It especially helps because both our favorite color is hot pink. Pink is cool.” Mason says

Poppy has been featured as the youngest fashion designer in the Greenville Fashion Show two years in a row so far. Even though her dresses, skirts, and other items are absolutely gorgeous, with the pandemic going on she thought it was time to switch it up a bit.


“…Not to mention that things that were in the pipelines for filming and fashion shows ( really cool things) were also put on hold. But mom always says that God gave us hands to work and as long as we have the ability to use them, we should. So switching gears to sewing medical masks just made sense. We had all the material, elastic already in the stash. And most importantly we have our own two hands.” Poppy says.

The siblings are encouraging others to stay safe and stay indoors to not only protect themselves but to protect the vulnerable as well.

“We want to send our love and gratitude to all medical health care providers, EMS, Firefighters, Police, Teachers and even the people that help keep food services running. These masks are for you or for anyone that feels they need that layer of protection during these crazy times.” The pair states.


You can watch their journey and find out more information on their Instagram pages @mase_and_poppy and @poppy_pkg

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