Awesome Girl Academy Virtual Summer Program


The Awesome Girl Academy Virtual Summer Program is fun, interactive, empowering & tailored to the girls registered for each session. The girls are 8 to 14 years old.

These summer camps developed in response to the success of our School Bridge Program, and the desire from the parents and the participants to continue through the summer. We have had some amazing sessions that included Affirmations, Girl Talk, All About School Time and Special Guest Speakers/Interactive Workshop Presenters. Some of our Workshops included Meditation & Breathing, Line Dancing, Yoga, Goal Setting, Sketch Drawing, T-shirt Design, Baking, and so many more.

After the girls for each session have registered, we send our questionnaires to learn more about the girls and their dreams, gifts, talents and abilities. Then we invite workshop presenters specific to the responses from girls in that session.

Afterwards, the parents receive presenter names and contact information in case they want to register the girls for more in depth sessions. This allows our girls to learn more about the things they are interested in while giving the other girls in the group exposure to actives they might not have considered.

This is a winning combination and is of great benefit to all our Awesome Girls. So go ahead, register your Awesome Girl and let’s have an amazing summer together!

Sign up here 

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