Tyler Perry kid star London Rose is the new coverkid, plus COVID-19 convos in KidNewsMaker Spring/Summer 2020 Edition

KNM Spring Summer 2020 cover

Atlanta, Georgia…  Tyler Perry’s new kid star from ‘The Oval’ and ‘Ruthless’, seven-year-old London Rose Sellars is the newest KidNewsMaker cover kid for Spring/Summer 2020, set for an early June release. Also on the cover is actress Storm Reid who Allie interviewed during a trip to Atlanta and inside features the Truth Playmakers Awards.


15-year-old publisher/founder Alejndra ‘Allie’ Stack expressed her excitement of the magazine coming out amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Alot of people contacted us asking when we were going to print but a few advertisers pulled out and I thought we were just going to not be able to do it,” said Stack. “But thanks to a micro-investment from the Doonie Fund for black women in business that was created by Kathryn Finney of digitalundivided in April 2020 we were able to go ahead and continue so that we could complete this edition. This was my first time applying for COVID relief as a business so it was like wow.”

COVID discussions are a major part of this edition with features on  South Carolina acting siblings Mase + Poppy making masks, Houston tween soapmaker J. Brielle seeing an increase in sales, Atlanta community helper Lauryn helping others and the parenting section shifts to teachers who reveal exactly what they’ve been dealing with from kids and parents since homeschool became mandatory.

“It is a conversation that needed to be had and from their perspective,” says KidNewsMaker managing editor Arthia Nixon. “We had teachers from Atlanta, south Florida and even The Bahamas talk about the challenges they deal with while balancing their families plus helping kids at home and their parents get adjusted and some of it is not pretty at all.”

Allie reveals a major partnership in this edition as well.

“My mom is my interim in a lot of things because I’m still under 18 but so many people have connected and I am thrilled about KidzNewsWire because it’s a PR distribution service just for kids making news and I am a magazine,” said Allie. “So I’m excited because they are providing content which is important and we have officially been named an outlet.”

Overall, Allie said she is proud of this new edition, that features kids from the USA, Nigeria and for the first time, Ireland. Among them is PaHeru, an elite kid gymnast who started his own athletic program.

“We have shipped to Lagos, Nigeria and London, England before but this is our first time featuring an amazing kidprenuer in Ireland and her life as the oldest of six siblings, with two sets of twins,” Allie said. “But I’m excited because London Rose is so cool. We met while working on her project at Tyler Perry Studios and the thing is neither of us have seen the show because it’s for adults. But she’s soooo different from her character in real life.”

This edition of KidNewsMaker will be available in print on Amazon or for preorder, buy HERE. Items are shipped once monthly.

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