Free Self-Care Kits from Teenpreneur Ran Business

(Kalamazoo, MI, June 16, 2020) – With everyone undergoing high levels of stress, a good bath can bring down the worries, open up sore muscles, and relax the mind like no other thing in the world. The maker of sweet bath times, Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats is pleased to announce that it has a great giveaway in the form of free Self-Care Kits. Each kit comprises luscious body butter, bath salt, body scrub, soap and two bath bombs!


The Self-Care Kit is a not to be missed offer. To be eligible, follow the Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats page on Facebook and Instagram and wait for the lucky draw results to be announced on July 10, 2020. The free kit is worth $70, and so it saves some valuable money too.

Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats is owned by the Kalamazoo, Michigan-based teenpreneur Anaya, who wants everyone to feel relaxed in these unprecedented times with some real self-care and pampering, and also take care of mental health. 

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I wanted to do something that could put a smile on someone’s face. A lot of people are facing tough times, and I was always taught it’s better to give than to receive. I am just hoping this will be a blessing to someone else. Now is the time to simply be kind to others and not just think about yourself,” said Anaya Fernando of Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats.

Bath time can also be sweet! Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats is here to offer high-quality, cruelty free products to customers. Anaya Fernando has a passion for the cute things in life, along with fashion and beauty. She dreamed of starting her own business since she was just four, and today she has realized that dream with a business that is both fun and mission driven. 

Subscribe at the official site of Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats and stay informed of updates, coupons, sales and new inventory.


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