7-Year-Old Author Kameryn Stars In Her Own Storytime Sundays

By Alejandra Stack, KNM Founder/Publisher

At just seven-years-old, Kameryn Lowe is already giving back to literacy in a big way. She’s an author of children’s books and she also has a storytime session she hopes will inspire other kids to love reading too.
“I think that it is important for young brown and black children like myself to read books with characters that look like us, and by authors that look like us as well,” said Kameryn. “What makes me unique is that I’ve created a unicorn character that is brown like me, which is something you don’t see when you see pictures of unicorns.”
Kameryn began writing with her mom in July of 2020  and every Sunday at 7pm, she hosts Storytime Sundays with Kam.
“My favorite thing about writing fiction children’s books with my mom is that I can be as creative as I want,” says Kameryn. “I get to always use my imagination and come up with cool ideas. My mom inspires me and she writes all of the time. She inspires me to write and to use my imagination.”

Kameryn’s mom helps her with writing her books and they contract illustrators to help bring her vision to life. She says the most challenging thing is being patient while the illustrator draws the pictures.  She wants to make sure they appeal to kids who are nine-years-old and under.

So how does she balance being a kid and an author?

“I meditate with my mom and I’ve learned that there are times when I need to be serious, and there are times when I can be silly and goof around,” said Kameryn. “My advice to other kids who want to do this is you can do anything that you put your mind to if you just stay focused and stay positive.

Follow Kameryn on Instagram: @Kams_Kronicles and or her website www.royalteepress.com

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