Neveah Turns Real Life Bullying Experience Into ‘Overcoming A Bully’ Book

Story of A Girl Who Stands Up Against Bullying, Available on Amazon
Fairburn, Georgia, October 16, 2020 — A ten-year-old girl named Nevaeh Hart has published her first debut book. The name of her book is Overcoming a Bully.
The book is based on a real-life experience that the little author faced bullying in her school by a fellow and how she overcame the frustrating situation by winning over the bully.
The character of the story is a female kid name, Emma. When she joins the school, she hopes to find new friends and expects to have lots of fun but then she met a crazy girl Laura who makes fun of her and bullies her all the time for her looks.
Due to her bullying, Emma gets real upset and mentally disturbed, therefore she could not concentrate on anything.
But then one day, she decides to stand up for herself and face her with courage. She feels confident enough to take strong actions against Laura and her bullies and eventually succeeds in winning over the situation.
“I am excited to publish my first book. Through this book, I would like to say that Never let anyone take power over you. I took mines back and my superpower is making reading great again. What I have gone through, I don’t want anyone else to experience the same. So, overcoming a Bully will be a great help for kids,” said Nevaeh Hart, author of Overcoming a Bully.
Overcoming A Bully is a warm and empowering picture book that gives the message of how one should behave when someone bullies them.
The book will teach kids many ways to handle such situations and help them to overcome their anxieties. It’s basically a story to help children seek help when being bullied. It also sheds light on the effects of bullying.
“As her mother, I am so proud of her from wanting to not live because of a bully to taking back control and write a book. It has been breath-taking seeing where she was just 3 years ago to now is UNBELIEVABLE. Kids of her age will want to read it because they see something they may have dealt with and see how she overcame was it easy no but it will be worth it,” said Raina Knox, mother of author.
The book is illustrated by Ilham Boam.
Read and see how Emma navigates her way through school and learns how to get help from being bullied. Her book is available both in e-book and paperback format on Amazon.
For purchasing the book visit HYPERLINK “” Overcoming-Bully-Nevaeh-Hart.

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