Canadian Pop Princess Jazzy To Release First Single ‘Dance With Me’

By Alejandra Stack

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Jazmine (Jazzy) Headley is an eight-year-old Canadian pop artist. The young artist will drop her first single “Dance With Me” November 20, 2020 on all platforms.  At just eight Jazzy has already made an impression.  Writing music and playing piano at an even earlier age.  The first song Jazzy wrote was a tribute to George Floyd. Jazzy found a way to connect with her own age group.  The rising pop star has always had a sense of purpose & is fearless when getting her message out.  Jazzy uses her music as a vehicle to promote positivity with kids.   From her appearances on television to a clothing line, “Jazz Me Apparel” featuring t-shirts for kids with positive mental health quotes, Jazzy has found a way to connect with fans.   

Jazzy became an ambassador for Miss Bonita and Friends this year.  The children’s web series is based on the popular children’s books of the same name.  The perfect choice. Jazzy leads by example.  The young artist’s music is upbeat and fun at a time when kids are looking for a release from Covid-19 restrictions and parents are looking for positive ways to do that.  Jazzy brings her own outgoing personality & heart to her role of Mission Bonita Ambassador.  The message she delivers, “be a positive participant in your own life and others.”  

“I am a young artist that loves to sing,” said Jazzy in her interview with KidNewsMaker. “I have been singing from I was very little and I enjoy singing. My favourite thing about singing, is seeing people smiling or clapping when I sing. And enjoying my songs. My family inspires me Michael Jackson inspired me to sing.”

Jazzy said that her parents support her by driving her to auditions, scheduling Zoom meetings with hervocal coach and in her downtown, her brother plays Roblox with her. She stays motivated by making others happy, especially with her songs and believing that her dreams will come through one day and she will become a singer and a judge.

So where does she see herself in 10 years?

“OMG,” Jazzy said. “10 years? Saying bye to covid and not wearing mask.

And what advice would she give to any other kids wanting to follow her path? “Believe In yourself don’t give up have faith and keep on doing what you do best,” she said. 

JAZZ ME APPAREL features positives mental health quotes! All proceeds go to supporting Children’s Charities. 

Keep Up With Jazzy: 

Facebook: @realljazzj8 

Instagram: @ realjazzj 

Tick tock: @ realjazzj

Spotify: @RealJazzJ

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